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Oct 2018

Fall Wedding Ideas

fall wedding ideas

It’s the time of year where the leaves start to change, the air cools down, and snuggle season with your future hubby is in full swing. It feels like your day can’t come soon enough, but knowing that you have each other really gets you through. The fall time is full of cool yet vibrant colors, so finding a color scheme that works for you is an important part of the process. The oranges, reds, and yellows all come together to create a beautiful Autumn color scheme. Even though it is cool outside, these warm colors create a homey feel for your Autumn wedding. While you float down the aisle, you could have red, yellow, and orange flower petals, or even colorful leaves line the sides of the aisle. This is a great way to utilize your color scheme in a unique way. Your flower bouquet can also include leaves, hay, and/or berries, in addition to beautiful flowers, to add different textures to embrace the season.

For these cooler months, there are some classic staples that people think of. Consider giving personalized blankets to your guests, so they can stay warm and comfortable while they watch you float down the aisle. This is a personal touch that your guests will most definitely appreciate, especially if your ceremony is held outside. Autumn isn’t autumn without a flannel. Personalize flannels for you and your bridesmaids tol create a cozy feel while getting ready for the day. With all of the excitement of the day, it will be comforting to wear something that makes you feel relaxed. When it comes to walking down the aisle, what could look better on the bride than a long sleeved wedding gown? It suits the season, the wedding, and of course illuminates the bride throughout the festivities. Nothing says classic beauty like a bride in this style of dress.

When the ceremony comes to a close, you and your guests will pop on over to the reception. Your guests are going to be hungry, so why not serve handheld pumpkin pies, have a s’mores or caramel apple bar, and hot chocolate to drink. When people think of Autumn, these are classic foods that are thought of. After some dancing, drinking, and so much fun, it is time to cut the cake. You could feature a white cake with colorful fondant flowers cascading down the facade of the beautiful pastry that matches your bouquet and color scheme to a T. As your wedding day comes to a close, the personal touches to your wedding will be what your guests will talk about for years to come. Now go start your life with your new husband.

For more ideas, color schemes, and pictures, check out this Autumn Wedding Pinterest board so you can start planning the perfect Fall Wedding!

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Oct 2018

The Head Table That’s Best for You and Your Wedding

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There are many choices when it comes to a seating chart of a wedding reception, including choosing who is to sit at the head table with the bride and groom. There are many options for a couple to pick from, and each has their own advantages.

Just you two, aka The Sweetheart Table:

In this situation the two of you would sit in the front of the reception, on the same side of the table, facing your guests. This is great way to showcase yourselves as newlyweds for the first time and is perfect for couples who enjoy the spotlight. In this situation, you would likely sit your bridal party at a separate table, with their plus ones.

You two, plus a few:

With this layout, you can seat the new couple, plus the Maid of Honor and Best Man. You can seat the Maid of Honor next to the Bride and the Best Man next to the groom or the other way around, whatever feels most appropriate for your wedding. This takes a little bit of the pressure away while keeping the table very intimate. You can also opt to allowing their plus ones at the table with you guys. This layout would be a good idea for a close group of friends.

The Bridal Party:

In this seating chart, the entire wedding party will sit at the head table with the Bride and Groom. This can be done in multiple ways, one way being with the bridesmaids next to the Bride and the Groomsmen next to the Groom. Another way being with the Best Man next to the Bride and the Maid of Honor next to the Groom and then every other male/female of the bridal party from there. This option of course does have the ability to factor in plus ones as well.

The Family:

This option would include seating the immediate families of the Bride and Groom at the head table with them. This is a good way to involve the parents of the new couple, who likely have been involved with the planning and success of the wedding. This can be complicated if there are multiple sets of in-laws due to a divorce or a situation similar, but as long as everyone gets along there can be space made at the head table. In this layout, the bridal party would be seated at a different table nearby.


Image from a Photoshoot at LRG Provisions with Sara and Logan Photography https://www.saralogan.co/

Jul 2017

Venue Highlight: Georgian Hall


Georgian Hall Athens Georgia

Venue Highlight: Georgian Hall Athens Georgia
Downtown Athens is the place to be to get a dose of all things fun and unique. It’s no wonder that so many couples wish to get married in the heart of the Classic City and lucky for them, there are a number of venues that will gladly fulfill their wish. Today, we want to highlight a historic venue that is especially worthy of recognition: Georgian Hall.

Georgian Hall Athens Georgia

Located right behind South Kitchen and Bar, the grand ballroom is the perfect place to celebrate your wedding. Built in the early 1900’s, Georgian Hall became a distinguished wedding venue and a “social focal point” for most of the 20th century. Fresh from recent restorative reconstruction, the special events venue is ready to once-again host spectacular weddings, just like it did in its glory days. The venue’s staff will provide bar and catering service to up to 250 people and can host both ceremonies and receptions.

With its original mosaic tile floor and large arched doors, Georgian Hall can be a perfect location to host a multitude of uniquely styled weddings. Keep it simple with with classic styling, since the architecture is amazing on its own. To get this look, use clusters of all white garden roses in mercury glass vases for centerpieces on taupe, blush or gray linens. Or get your glam on using a mix of luxe linens (we love La Tavola) and sequined table runners. Along with some amazing menu selections, The Georgian Hall provides all your tables, elegant chiavari chairs, and complimentary basic linens. A great value for the Athens area.

Additional venue details:

  • Comfortably seats 180 but can hold up to 250 guests
  • Catering and alcohol available
  • Tables and chairs available
  • Friendly and efficient staff
  • Indoor events only
  • Parking: No designated parking lots
  • “Flip” required with onsite ceremonies

For more venues in Athens Georgia, check out our Athens Wedding Guide

Feb 2017

Wedding Music 101: DJ David Osborne of Sound Insight Productions


wedding dj athens georgia wedding music

When you first start planning your wedding, the venue, style, and other details (ahem.. the dress) often get top priority. The wedding music easily gets put off, or handed over for someone else to take care of. Regardless of whether you want to party ’til the break of dawn, or just get your favorite songs in, who you choose to deliver on your wedding day can make a pretty big impact on the overall experience. We reached out to the talented Mr. David Osborne, an experienced Wedding DJ based out of Athens, Georgia and Owner of Sound Insight Productions. He’s offered up some great advice to common questions that might pop up when planning your wedding music.

For starters, don’t be afraid to tell them what you want. As David puts it, “I want a couple’s input, style, and their passion for the event! I take it from there, and balance their requests with my ability to read the crowd and bring it all together.”

If you are a huge music buff, you might already have a large number of songs in mind that you want to hear at your reception, or perhaps you can’t think of any. Either one is okay! “I have some couples that request 100, while others request zero,” says David. “I always try my best to incorporate and honor requests and suggestions (I mean, it’s their wedding!) I do, however, give all couples 5 must-play songs, those are for those possibly unusual, but very sentimental, songs that are important to the couple and/or guests.”

David also points out it’s your wedding at the end of the day, and you can have whatever music you’d like, but keep in mind that your particular taste might not always equal crowd-pleasers. He suggests avoiding an abundance of only one style or non-danceable music. If you’re having trouble deciding what songs to go with, try thinking of those that are popular and well-known. “The common thread, across all crowds and styles, is familiarity. People love to dance to music they know and like. With clever and purposeful mixing, remixing, and programming, lesser known songs can definitely be worked in.”

All things to take into consideration when you think about your wedding day music. David’s one last bit of advice: “Don’t limit yourself TOO much. It’s perfectly fine to have restrictions on the music played, but you should allow your DJ some flexibility (if they’re a good DJ, they will respect the flexibility, not abuse it). Also, if you want people to dance, you and your new spouse have to get out there and dance as well!”

Visit Sound Insight Productions for more info on booking David for your wedding or event- We highly recommend him!!

Dec 2016

Crossing Cultures: Latin Wedding Ideas

Perhaps you’re a world traveler at heart looking to pay homage to alternative cultures or maybe you’re marrying someone with a different background. Whatever the case may be, there are endless ways to incorporate a foreign flare to give your wedding a one-of-a-kind twist. For instance, if you’re interested in incorporating a Latin American feel, there are so many diverse and vibrant countries that offer no shortage of inspiration. Getting to know the cultures of this region is a good place to start getting Latin wedding ideas.

One of the most notable aspects that sets the region apart would be their use of lively colors. You can apply your vibrant color palette to your  floral arrangements, fabric choices, centerpieces, etc. For example, to capture a Peruvian vibe, you can use a bright Incan fabric pattern as a table runner or as a shawl. If you want to create a Mexican theme, there are many traditional Mexican decorations from which to choose such as Talavera tiles, Otomi fabrics, and “Papel Picado” (pecked paper).

Choosing native floral arrangements and plants can be a more subtle way to give your wedding Latin flare. For instance, succulents are common in Mexico and can be used to enhance your theme. Using lush, tropical plants can create a tropical Brazilian atmosphere. 

For pictures and more Latin wedding ideas to help you plan cross-cultural wedding, check out our Pinterest board!

latin wedding ideas

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Jun 2016

Publication by Wedding Lovely

Surprise! We have yet another publication — this time by Wedding Lovely! I helped coordinate a wedding photo shoot with some talented people! This wedding photoshoot was a lot of fun! ZoomWorks Photography captured the yummy and colorful popsicles by Hip Pops as well as the table decorations designed by me! Allison Cape of Lady Dale Letters created custom menus on each of the place setting which added for a nice detail on each of the place settings. And we can’t forget about the beautiful model in the wedding dress picked out from I Do I Do Bridal Boutique and of course the bold and elegant make up by Jeni Smith! I think we all enjoyed creating this photoshoot and getting published was the cherry on top!

wedding lovely publications

Thank you to Wedding Lovely for featuring our wedding photoshoot on your blog!

Happy planning!


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