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Dec 2016

Crossing Cultures: Latin Wedding Ideas

Perhaps you’re a world traveler at heart looking to pay homage to alternative cultures or maybe you’re marrying someone with a different background. Whatever the case may be, there are endless ways to incorporate a foreign flare to give your wedding a one-of-a-kind twist. For instance, if you’re interested in incorporating a Latin American feel, there are so many diverse and vibrant countries that offer no shortage of inspiration. Getting to know the cultures of this region is a good place to start getting Latin wedding ideas.

One of the most notable aspects that sets the region apart would be their use of lively colors. You can apply your vibrant color palette to your  floral arrangements, fabric choices, centerpieces, etc. For example, to capture a Peruvian vibe, you can use a bright Incan fabric pattern as a table runner or as a shawl. If you want to create a Mexican theme, there are many traditional Mexican decorations from which to choose such as Talavera tiles, Otomi fabrics, and “Papel Picado” (pecked paper).

Choosing native floral arrangements and plants can be a more subtle way to give your wedding Latin flare. For instance, succulents are common in Mexico and can be used to enhance your theme. Using lush, tropical plants can create a tropical Brazilian atmosphere. 

For pictures and more Latin wedding ideas to help you plan cross-cultural wedding, check out our Pinterest board!

latin wedding ideas

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Jun 2016

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue


It’s an age-old tradition; something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. It’s not something to stress over too much, but most brides are a little superstitious and want to take part in the tradition. But how did it come to be? And what could you use to ensure good luck on your wedding day?

The saying comes from an Old English Rhyme: “Something Olde, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something New, A Sixpence in your Shoe.” Something old represents continuity, something new stands for an optimistic future, something borrowed is supposed to represent borrowed happiness, and finally, something blue exemplifies purity, love, and fidelity.

A lot of brides struggle with what to use to represent each of the four items. Here are some ideas:

Something old: a vintage accessory, such as a shawl or hairpiece, or if you’re having a wedding on a farm or in a barn, you could wear an old pair of cowboy boots

Something new: a new piece of jewelry, such as a necklace or earrings

Something borrowed: your mother’s veil from her wedding

Something blue: embroidering something into the lining of the wedding dress, a blue garter

Hopefully these ideas will ensure good luck on your big day!

May 2016

Top 10 Wedding Day Send Offs

top 10 wedding day send offs

top 10 wedding day send offs

Every part of the wedding planning is important — from finding THE dress, to choosing your colors, to planning your grand departure.  If you want to make a lasting  impression on your guests as you leave your wedding reception, take a look at our fun, and often non traditional, top 10 wedding day send offs!

1. Sparklers- They’re perfect for lighting up the night and I think we’ll all agree, they really do make for great photographs!  *Planning Tip- Shell out for quality!   Better quality sparklers usually don’t shoot wayward sparks, burn cleaner and last longer.

2. Glow Sticks- Glow sticks fill your wedding night with colorful lights, the perfect accompaniment to couples who want to dance the night away.  Especially good for a night time exit,  when sparklers aren’t allowed.

3. Lanterns- Sky lanterns, originating from Chinese culture, were used to declare hopes for a prosperous future.   Have your guests follow tradition and send their lanterns into the sky with well wishes attached.

4. Bubbles- A bubble exit is a fun, playful and inexpensive way to depart.  *Planning Tip- Great for daytime pictures, try these directly after the ceremony when you’re leaving the chapel.

5. Pom Poms- Have your guests cheer your new life as a couple together with pom poms!   They make such cute photos, can easily match your wedding day colors, and afterwards,  make great favors for guests to take home.

6. Balloons- What says a celebration like a balloon? They’re also an easy way to match the colors of your wedding and can add a whimsical feel.

7. Streamers- Streamers add a unique and colorful feeling to your photos!

8. Ribbons- Like using streamers but with a much easier clean up!

9. Rose Petals- A send off classic, rose petals are timelessly romantic, and great for the environment! They’re the one of the best “green” options out there, being bio-degradable and easily sourced locally (where they’re often grown organically).  Believe it or not, roses are actually edible and won’t harm wildlife long after your departure.
(rice, pigeons, need I say more).

10. Confetti- Another colorful option, these make a dazzling photo display.  Check out these confetti favor cones, for a clever DIY idea to try!

Hope you enjoyed reading about our top 10 wedding day send offs!  If you’ve got ideas for #11 on our send off list, email us!  We’ll pick the best and publish it here, plus on our facebook and twitter accounts.

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