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Oct 2018

Fall Wedding Ideas

fall wedding ideas

It’s the time of year where the leaves start to change, the air cools down, and snuggle season with your future hubby is in full swing. It feels like your day can’t come soon enough, but knowing that you have each other really gets you through. The fall time is full of cool yet vibrant colors, so finding a color scheme that works for you is an important part of the process. The oranges, reds, and yellows all come together to create a beautiful Autumn color scheme. Even though it is cool outside, these warm colors create a homey feel for your Autumn wedding. While you float down the aisle, you could have red, yellow, and orange flower petals, or even colorful leaves line the sides of the aisle. This is a great way to utilize your color scheme in a unique way. Your flower bouquet can also include leaves, hay, and/or berries, in addition to beautiful flowers, to add different textures to embrace the season.

For these cooler months, there are some classic staples that people think of. Consider giving personalized blankets to your guests, so they can stay warm and comfortable while they watch you float down the aisle. This is a personal touch that your guests will most definitely appreciate, especially if your ceremony is held outside. Autumn isn’t autumn without a flannel. Personalize flannels for you and your bridesmaids tol create a cozy feel while getting ready for the day. With all of the excitement of the day, it will be comforting to wear something that makes you feel relaxed. When it comes to walking down the aisle, what could look better on the bride than a long sleeved wedding gown? It suits the season, the wedding, and of course illuminates the bride throughout the festivities. Nothing says classic beauty like a bride in this style of dress.

When the ceremony comes to a close, you and your guests will pop on over to the reception. Your guests are going to be hungry, so why not serve handheld pumpkin pies, have a s’mores or caramel apple bar, and hot chocolate to drink. When people think of Autumn, these are classic foods that are thought of. After some dancing, drinking, and so much fun, it is time to cut the cake. You could feature a white cake with colorful fondant flowers cascading down the facade of the beautiful pastry that matches your bouquet and color scheme to a T. As your wedding day comes to a close, the personal touches to your wedding will be what your guests will talk about for years to come. Now go start your life with your new husband.

For more ideas, color schemes, and pictures, check out this Autumn Wedding Pinterest board so you can start planning the perfect Fall Wedding!

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