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Jun 2016

Publication by Wedding Lovely

Surprise! We have yet another publication — this time by Wedding Lovely! I helped coordinate a wedding photo shoot with some talented people! This wedding photoshoot was a lot of fun! ZoomWorks Photography captured the yummy and colorful popsicles by Hip Pops as well as the table decorations designed by me! Allison Cape of Lady Dale Letters created custom menus on each of the place setting which added for a nice detail on each of the place settings. And we can’t forget about the beautiful model in the wedding dress picked out from I Do I Do Bridal Boutique and of course the bold and elegant make up by Jeni Smith! I think we all enjoyed creating this photoshoot and getting published was the cherry on top!

wedding lovely publications

Thank you to Wedding Lovely for featuring our wedding photoshoot on your blog!

Happy planning!


Apr 2016

Three Wedding Planning Questions You Have To Ask

three wedding planning questions

Planning a wedding can be pretty hectic at times.  There are so many things to make and do that the checklist can get incredibly long.  Between the madness of narrowing your guest list, managing your budget, addressing invitations, etc. it is likely that there are a few things that may have slipped your mind when putting the finishing touches on everything.  Here are three wedding planning questions you should definitely be asking yourself, no matter where you are in the planning process.

three wedding planning questions



NUMBER 1: “Where Do We Park Downtown?”

three wedding planning questions

Map art by Natalie Kilgore

Finding a parking space in downtown Athens can be difficult for just one person, so when it comes to finding parking for an entire wedding party, it can quickly become a nightmare. With downtown parking at rates of $0.75 an hour, it can become rather expensive for even half day access.  If your venue cannot provide enough parking to accommodate all of your guests, make sure plan for their parking.  There are a few options when it comes to finding extra space. Start by contacting local businesses with lots near your venue to see if they would be willing to let guests use their space.  This may come at a price though, so make sure you plan for that in your budget.  Another option is to rent spaces through a downtown parking group. See if your community allows parking rentals in decks or lots.  If not, see if the venue has a shuttle for further parking or if renting one is an option.  No matter what, make sure you provide maps to your guests with venues, parking, etc. so they do not get lost and miss being a part of your special day.


NUMBER 2: “Do You Have a Wedding Website?”

The answer to this question should be YES!  Having a website for guests to access makes the whole event more accessible to people instantly.  Your website will be extremely important for communicating with guests, especially if they are far away.  It will allow you to update any new plans and reach all of your guests in one posting.  RSVPs can be handled through the site as well, which makes the process of determining the numbers a lot easier than having a paper mess in your living room.  Making a registry part of your online platform will make it simple for guests to purchase all of the items that you need for your new life as a couple.  Also, it helps prevent receiving duplicate gifts (so no more getting two different sets of non-matching plates).  A maps and venue directions should be posted on your website as well.


NUMBER 3: “What Happens If It Rains?” 

three wedding planning questions

Image via Pixabay

Having a rain plan is extremely important for any wedding. You do not want to have your guests sitting in the rain, or damage your/wedding party/guests dress, shoes, etc. because of a poor rain plan.  It goes without saying that outdoor weddings MUST HAVE an alternative plan.  Do not wait until the last minute to try and find tents because that can become a disaster in itself. Make sure you contact local rental companies and find out when the last day to rent a tent would be based on your wedding date.  Make sure that a plan is in place so that nothing can ruin your special day, especially not the rain.


It is important to have all of these questions answered before your big day arrives.  Well informed guests are happy guests and that will contribute to a great wedding.   If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below and I will be glad to answer them!


Happy Planning Everyone!


three wedding planning questions



Apr 2016

Spring Wedding Inspiration: Peaches and Cream

Spring Wedding: Peaches and Cream, Wedding Style and Event Design, Athens, Georgia, Wedding Inspiration, Southern

These beautiful colors are perfect for a spring wedding! Check out this Pinterest board to see how to add these colors and rustic touches to any wedding.

Photo Credit: Sara + Logan Wedding Photography http://www.saralogan.co/

Mar 2016

Personalized Wedding Signs

Check out our Personalized Wedding Signs Board, by Liz Messick Design on Pinterest!

Personalized Wedding Signs, Wedding Style and Event Design, Athens, Georgia

We’ve been busy creating several personalized wedding signs this year and thought we’d share a few of our faves for inspiration. Visit our Pinterest site to view this Board and many more!

Oct 2015

Succulent Wedding Ideas

Succulent Wedding ideas, Wedding Style and Event Design, Athens, Georgia

With succulents being so popular (for weddings and terrariums!) here’s a Pinterest board full of ideas on how to incorporate these unique plants into your wedding day theme.

Jun 2014

The Taylor Grady House

Earlier this week I went exploring for wedding and event venues and was lucky enough to get off to a great start with The Taylor Grady House in Downtown Athens. Caty and Elizabeth, The Event Coordinators for the property, greeted me warmly at the entrance and gave me a lovely tour of the house and grounds.   The layout is typical to some other older homes I’ve toured, with a central  foyer at the entry and larger rooms laid out on either side.  On the left, a large ballroom extends along the length of the house to a small, but fully equipped kitchen in the back.  On the right side of the house,  a smaller front room adjoins to a larger “dining” room, and attach in back to a central staircase.  All of this is on the first floor, including an exit to the back lawn and two restrooms.  The first floor also features a wonderful wrap around portico, overlooking the lawn and side boxwood garden.   Upstairs featured separate  bride and groom dressing areas on either side of a wide, expansive hallway and the bridal suite included a restroom.
The views from the back porch and side portico were my favorite part of the home.  I especially loved the boxwood garden!  I completely forgot to take pics inside, but I managed to snap a few of the outside.  As you can see, it really is a pretty place with some great features for hosting a wedding.  I’ve put together some great features below.

Thank you to Caty and Elizabeth for being so gracious and helpful-  they gave me the scoop on various possibilities for ceremony sites on the property (the boxwood garden has my vote!), how many people each room/outdoor area can accommodate, and much, much, more!  Now for the pics…

The Taylor Grady House
A front view of the boxwood garden.

The Taylor Grady House
The Taylor Grady House
The back lawn and dance floor- great for a tent, can do around 300ppl outside (it’s bigger than it looks).

The Taylor Grady House
Hydrangeas near the back stairs.  A great spot (and photo op) to be announced to your guests.

The Taylor Grady House
The back view of the boxwood garden.

The Taylor Grady House

A view of the garden with the portico above- where guests could sit to see a ceremony below….

  • Parking Available
  • Equipped Kitchen
  • Bride’s Suite
  • Groom’s Suite
  • Dance Floor
  • Tables & Chairs Available
  • Fully Furnished Inside
  • No “Flip” Needed
  • Garden Views
  • Weekend Rental
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