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Oct 2018

The Head Table That’s Best for You and Your Wedding

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There are many choices when it comes to a seating chart of a wedding reception, including choosing who is to sit at the head table with the bride and groom. There are many options for a couple to pick from, and each has their own advantages.

Just you two, aka The Sweetheart Table:

In this situation the two of you would sit in the front of the reception, on the same side of the table, facing your guests. This is great way to showcase yourselves as newlyweds for the first time and is perfect for couples who enjoy the spotlight. In this situation, you would likely sit your bridal party at a separate table, with their plus ones.

You two, plus a few:

With this layout, you can seat the new couple, plus the Maid of Honor and Best Man. You can seat the Maid of Honor next to the Bride and the Best Man next to the groom or the other way around, whatever feels most appropriate for your wedding. This takes a little bit of the pressure away while keeping the table very intimate. You can also opt to allowing their plus ones at the table with you guys. This layout would be a good idea for a close group of friends.

The Bridal Party:

In this seating chart, the entire wedding party will sit at the head table with the Bride and Groom. This can be done in multiple ways, one way being with the bridesmaids next to the Bride and the Groomsmen next to the Groom. Another way being with the Best Man next to the Bride and the Maid of Honor next to the Groom and then every other male/female of the bridal party from there. This option of course does have the ability to factor in plus ones as well.

The Family:

This option would include seating the immediate families of the Bride and Groom at the head table with them. This is a good way to involve the parents of the new couple, who likely have been involved with the planning and success of the wedding. This can be complicated if there are multiple sets of in-laws due to a divorce or a situation similar, but as long as everyone gets along there can be space made at the head table. In this layout, the bridal party would be seated at a different table nearby.


Image from a Photoshoot at LRG Provisions with Sara and Logan Photography https://www.saralogan.co/